Polling Locations

Polling Places will be open on Election Day from 7:00 AM to 8 PM.

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Early Voting Sites - 2020 Election

Early Voting centers are open for the Primary Election from 10:00am To 8:00pm.

EV 1

Westside Skill Center
4501 Edmondson Ave.
(Rear - Enter On Athol Ave.)

EV 2

The League for People with Disabilities
1111 E. Coldspring Lane

EV 3

Mount Pleasant Ministries
6000 Radecke Ave   21206

EV 4

Public Safety Training Center 
3500 W. Northern Pkwy.
(Enter on Manhattan Ave.)

EV 5

Southeast Anchor Library
3601 Eastern Ave. 21224

EV 6

Community Engagement Center 
870 W. Baltimore St. 21201

EV 7 

Patapsco Elementary School
844 Roundview Rd 21225
(Enter on Carver Rd)